What Health Care Professionals Think About CareConnext
“This is a fun, unique way to practice using a shared medical appointment and combining it with an evidence-based teaching protocol.”
Kathleen Dalton, ARNP, University of Kansas Hospital

“Even I was surprised we caught a volume overloaded patient within hours of what would have otherwise been a hospitalization.”
Christy Russell, ARNP, University of Kansas Hospital

What Heart Failure Patients Say About the Program…
CareConnext has been a blessing. I enjoyed it very much. The staff made me feel comfortable and it was very helpful for me to be able to interact with others that have to deal with heart failure. I see it as an investment in my healthcare. There is a scripture in the Bible that says ‘my people perish for a lack of knowledge.’  How can you do better if you don’t know how? CareConnext can be a vital tool when faced with serious health challenges. Thank you!”
Joyce Cooper, Kansas City, KS Age 62

I arrived at CareConnext weak and unable to breath. The nurse practitioner assessed me, and arranged to have my home health nurse give me a medicine to help alleviate my symptoms. I was able to breathe easier that night, and, most important, avoided an unnecessary admission to the hospital. I got to stay home and enjoy my family instead.”
Lee Birdwell, Kansas City, MO Age 61

“I was admitted to the hospital with over 50 pounds of fluid. No one had ever mentioned Heart Failure, even though I had undergone open-heart surgery within the past year. The other patients here understand what I am going through. I no longer feel alone!”
Virgil Poisal, Harrisonville, MO, Age 65